Hello everybody,

bright-shadows.net was a website that offered you hundreds of challenges in the fields of programming, JavaScript, PHP, Java, steganography, cryptography and others. A ranking system existed and users could submit new challenges. It was a project that Erik and I started years ago.

But much time has passed since then and our life and interests changed. Especially time is a critical issue. It is challenging to handle the current interests. We already did not take much care of things during the lasts years but kept the site running as there was still quite a bit of interest.

However, in a few days new regulations regarding privacy and data protection take effect in Germany and the EU. For some of them we would just need time for the implementation but for other we would have to upgrade the web hosting. If you do not follow the new regulations, you risk getting sued. This is a risk I don't want to take.

For these reasons bright-shadows.net is now offline.

During the next weeks Erik and I are going to discuss possible options. At the moment I cannot promise anything and maybe bright-shadows.net stays offline. Other possible options I can think of include making the ranking available somehow, sharing the challenges or maybe even sharing the full site. If there is news you can find it here.

Thank you all for the beautiful and interesting time!


PS: Due to current developments we created a privacy policy for this site which you can find here. If you have any questions please refer to it or contact us directly. Just as an indication: We do not collect any user data when you visit this site and no access logs are generated. Furthermore, no third party applications are integrated. Therefore, non of your private data (especially your IP address) is used by us or third parties in any way.