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by theblacksheep - 16:51:32oldProject - Monday, 2.12.2013

Hello everybody, was a project that Erik and I started years ago.
But time passed and our interests changed.
We kept the site running but as you know we didnt really take care of things anymore.
Lately I got a bunch of emails asking me for some improving of the site (for example some new moderators/admins).
I think this really is not a bad idea as it seems quite a few people are still active.
If there are any members that would like to support this site in the future just send me a pm and we should be able to figure something out in the next weeks/months (it is Christmas season now and time is rare these days).
So far for now.

Best regards


by Erik - 11:52:13oldLogic challenge solutions - Friday, 13.3.2009


in the past we unfortunately had some delays in answering and revising solutions that have to be checked manually, like for most of the logic challenges.
From now on, those solutions have to be posted in linka new forum. Several known users will then have the possibility to see and check these solutions there. This way a response should be possible much faster.

Please report any problems you might encounter. Do so also if there is a challenge description I forgot to change, thus still asking the users to send a private message with the solution.

Cu, Erik :)

by Erik - 15:34:01oldHappy New Year! - Thursday, 1.1.2009


I wish all of you a happy and successful new year!
I do feel sad about this site not having improved a lot recently, but therefore I am impressed that there are still many users around!
Thank you! -_-

I hope we can find a solution and keep running.

Good luck and have fun,
Yours Erik :)

by theblacksheep - 11:17:27oldRayp0rn - Wednesday, 5.3.2008

I think i fixed it. It should work now.
If it still doesn't send me a pm.

by theblacksheep - 15:06:04oldAnalyse this III! - Fixed - Monday, 3.3.2008

This challenge didn't work cause of a new php version.
It has been fixed.

by Inferno - 13:16:19oldCSRF Exploit - Wednesday, 23.1.2008

As you all are probably aware of, another exploit has been found at bright-shadows.
As a "temporary" fix for the problem on the inside (changing the avatar url), I removed the avatar from the pages where it is displayed.

Fact remains that if you click on some link someone posted, this exploit of course still works.
So before you guys click on an external link, better check out what it does before blindly clicking on it.

Hopefully, and please, keep your fingers crossed, the avatars will return.

Kind regards,


by Inferno - 16:42:32oldHackquest Puzzle Trail - Wednesday, 2.1.2008

HackQuest, a fellow challenge site, invites TBS users to participate in their newly-launched linkPuzzle Trail. It is a set of challenges that requires users to collaborate and discuss to solve all the challenges together and get to the end of the trail. More information about how it works and the place to discuss it can be found linkhere.

by Erik - 13:12:56oldUpdated menu and userlist - Sunday, 14.10.2007


this weekend I worked on the menu and userlist. :pc2: In fact the look did not change, but loading time and traffic should be reduced.
Please report any errors you encounter as there might be some due to the changes of the underlying script.

Cu, Erik :)

by Erik - 21:36:35oldBoardcode in firefox - Tuesday, 9.10.2007

zbod pointed out to me that in firefox formatting using the code buttons makes the textarea scroll back to top which is very frustrating.
I fixed the problem and now I wish you all happy formatting ^^

by Erik - 12:34:50oldLogin and boardcode buttons - Sunday, 7.10.2007


as you may have noticed, the login buttons now work on hitting return. :pc2:

Further the boardcode buttons act properly in firefox too: The current selection get's formatted and smilies are inserted at the carret.

Cu, Erik :-)