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by theblacksheep - 13:06:04oldInformation - Friday, 4.11.2005

Exploit LoseLip5 is down.
There were 2 problems with it one pretty serious. I hope I can fix that until tomorrow.

There are also many bugs in the ranking system. Some people have solved 158% of a certain type of challenge. I also want to fix that but it is not ranked high priority. (loselip5 is!)
The ranking works and just the numbers shown might be wrong.


by theblacksheep - 08:56:13oldGoogle Adsense - Friday, 28.10.2005


everyone who is a member at bright-shadows.net for a long time, probably remembers the google ads on some pages. We had to remove them but within the next couple of days those ads are going to return.
They are just text ads and probably just on the following pages:
Home | Private Messages | Forum | News
So we earn some money for paying the web space without disturbing you to much.


by theblacksheep - 16:46:57oldForgot password function - Saturday, 8.10.2005

Seconds ago I have uploaded the new "Forgot Password Function".
In case you can't remember what your bright-shadows password is just press the button at the login form. Then you'll get an email with a random 12 char alphanum string. This string is a valid password for 1 hour. Your old password is going to be valid too until you use the new temporary one.
In case you use your old password within that hour, the temporary password becomes invalid.

If there are problems with that system please tell me!


by theblacksheep - 17:13:25oldInferno - Tuesday, 9.8.2005

Hi everybody,

yesterday Inferno became a new admin here at bright-shadows.net. The reason is that Erik has no time any longer. If you want to get in contact with me (theblacksheep) use the following email address: emailwebmaster@bright-shadows.net.
To get in contect with Inferno use pm's.
To submit challenges, tutorials, links, etc. use: emailstuff@bright-shadows.net
--> Inferno and I have access to this one

So far Inferno helps managing the forum, analyzing new challenges, etc.At the moment he can't upload/change files, databases etc.


by Erik - 08:55:13oldScore-Resets? - Sunday, 6.2.2005


I have to say that I don't like that some users just delete their account and then re-register, just to "reset their score". First of all I don't know what this shall be for (if really everyone hates the ranking so much I can delete it but I think that a ranking is good so that everyone can put himself in a certain level of skills etc.). On the other hand, due to such an action, all private messages and forum posts of that user "get lost" in the way that they are from some "unknown user".
So I would like it if someone tells me if he want's to do such a re-register but I first want to know what the sense of this is :noclue:. I mean I could also make the challenges public for non-registered, so making registering not necessary and noone would have a score. I really don't know why more and more people would like it to have it this way :-(

Cu, Erik :S

by Erik - 21:00:23oldRanking / Voting Challenges - Monday, 4.10.2004


now the ranking / voting stuff for the challenges work. You can give each challenge you solved points in the fields of:In each field the points are integers from 0 to 10.
If you decided to rate a challenge, please be honest and think about your voting. This is not just a game - it should be useful for you. So you can see in advance if a challenge is worth spending the time on it etc. And in future the votes might also be used in other ways.

Cu, Erik :)

by theblacksheep - 00:00:00old1 month!!! - Tuesday, 25.2.2003

So this site is now 1 month online. Thx to all who registered. I hope the challenges are some fun for you.

Two new php challenges are online. PHP7 is a little bit harder but someone solved it. I think I'll kick him ;-) He is too good :-)

by theblacksheep - 00:00:00oldSo welcome at theblacksheep.no-ip.com - Wednesday, 29.1.2003

This is the new website of Erik and me (theblacksheep). The site is online since 25.1.2003. We try to offer as many nice challenges as possible. I hope I'll have the time to add at least 1 challenge a weak.

The site is very new so not everything works properly yet. Today I have added a "My account" section and 3 new challenges. So you can find 31 challenges here. At the moment we try to fix smaller problems and we try to link the forum with the login area, so that only one login is necessary. So if you register in the forum please take the same username and password you used when registering.

If you want to delete your account then only go to the "My account" area. There you can delete your account.

And thank you very much snarkles (the owner of linkwww.hackergames.net) that he added this site to his list with challenge sites. If you like the idea you can also post your linkopinion about this site there.

I'm from Germany and my English is not perfect. If you find an error language wise then please tell me that and I'll correct it.