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by Erik - 12:34:50oldLogin and boardcode buttons - Sunday, 7.10.2007


as you may have noticed, the login buttons now work on hitting return. :pc2:

Further the boardcode buttons act properly in firefox too: The current selection get's formatted and smilies are inserted at the carret.

Cu, Erik :-)

by Erik - 21:05:41oldChallenge list - Sunday, 16.9.2007

This weekend I worked on the challenge list. :pc2:
It now let's you select which groups to display with checkboxes and the all and none links.

Furthermore the page is quite a bit smaller now for faster loading.

by Erik - 21:32:51oldRanking fixed - finally! - Saturday, 25.8.2007

The ranking got fixed again. :drink3:
Now it is handled differently than before and it is not possible to have errors like there were in the past once more.
Erik :)

by Erik - 07:06:54oldExploit Global Userkey - Saturday, 4.8.2007

The Exploit challenge "Global userkey" was not working. It is fixed now.
So anyone who recently tried it might have more luck now :)

by Inferno - 10:28:14oldAbuse - Tuesday, 31.7.2007

Hello community,

When browsing the logs I found many things that disturbed me. Every day people are trying to get into other people's accounts. I'd like to emphasize that this is not permitted. From now on I will monitor the logs very closely and if I have the slightest doubt someone is trying to pull something off like this again, I will delete the user's account and ban his ip, even if this means I have to ban 30 ip's from the same user.

On the other hand I strongly suggest to all of you to change passwords regularly, and to maintain or improve your password's strength.

Kind regards,


by Inferno - 09:35:28oldPrivate Messages - Friday, 15.6.2007

Hi all,

I get a lot of pm's with solutions to a few of the logic challenges. Sometimes I get even two from the same user.
All I can say about this is, be patient. I know al of you want to get a challenge solved as fast as possible, but I always collect a lot of pm's about such challenges, so that I can handle them all at once.

And no worries, the messages you guys sent me will be checked, that I can assure you :)
If you had an incorrect answer you should have a pm by now, if not congrats :)

Kind regards,


by Inferno - 16:17:27oldNew Challenge Group - Friday, 25.5.2007

Good afternoon,

Today I introduced a new challenge group, called /dev/null (how appropriate :)).
The challenges in this category are the ones that I removed earlier, so people can still play them.

I hope you enjoy these old ones :)

by Erik - 21:06:19oldQuotes and Moderator - Tuesday, 15.5.2007


now you can quote posts in the forum directly. The first button under each post will do this.
Also I welcome our first moderator of the forum, linkalt3rn4tiv3.

Cu, Erik :)

by Erik - 21:03:25oldSerbia + Montenegro - Sunday, 1.4.2007

A user pointed out that both states are independent.
Now the country list contains them seperately.

Have fun! :)

by Inferno - 00:40:19oldDiscarded challenges - Thursday, 8.3.2007

Hello guys,

I've been deleting challenges the last 15 minutes, and probably more will follow. I will have to look into the remaining ones to determine which challs shouldn't actually be here anymore. The reasons for deletion may vary. Some may be deleted because a similar challenges already exists, others might be deleted because getting to the end just doesn't make sense.

Anyways, if I deleted a challenge that you think shouldn't be deleted, let me know and I'll see what I can do. The challenges can easily be retrieved.