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by Erik - 20:50:49oldHappy Easter! - Friday, 14.4.2006

We wish you a happy easter with lots of tasty eggs! But don't eat too much of them, it might be harmful.
On the other hand I want to invite you all to develop a logo/emblem/banner for TBS. Check the linkforum.

bye, Erik :)

by Inferno - 12:47:02oldHackinamack - Friday, 31.3.2006

Apparently he has been bruteforcing Bara's Javascript challenge as well...

by theblacksheep - 12:17:56oldHave you ever been sued!? - Friday, 31.3.2006

Dear Hackinamack

how stupid are you?
Usually we have about 20Gb of traffic. This month we already have 35Gb of traffic. And you know what the reason for that is!
Your fucking "Logic 1" brute force attack. 16Gb of traffic just for this challenge and you didn't even get it!
16Gb!!! 16Gb!!!!!!
Your account is going to be deleted! We have your data.
If you plan to do something stupid in the future better don't even dare or you'll get into real trouble!


PS: 16Gb wtf

by theblacksheep - 10:48:39oldRanking - Sunday, 26.3.2006

In case you need your ranking at bright-shadows.net somewhere else, you can now use linkthis script. So you don't have to use the userstats.php or the ranking.php!

PS: For more up-to-date information visit the linkForum.

by theblacksheep - 23:22:33oldSmaller Changes - Friday, 24.3.2006

I have added a "cmd.php" file to the download section. So you don't have to upload your own ;-)

I am also going to add more c code snippets to the "Vulnerable Code" section. So you have something to play with.

by theblacksheep - 15:37:25oldWeaknesses in Web-Applications v1.3 - Tuesday, 14.3.2006

I have update the tutorial a little bit.

by theblacksheep - 10:13:23oldAccount Hijacking - Sunday, 19.2.2006

A few days ago there has been postet a link in the forum for downloading a "Javascript Challenge Solver".
Topic: http://www.bright-shadows.net/forum/forum_showtopic.php?topicid=2235
The program has been identified as a keylogger. Nevertheless a few of you have installed it. I am going to check the log files and I am going to inform everyone whose account might have been infiltreted.


by theblacksheep - 19:06:25oldXSS - Tuesday, 14.2.2006

pepekiss has found another XSS hole. I have fixed it and a few other ones.
$PHP_SELF is dangerous ;-)

by Inferno - 11:08:38oldAccount deletion - Tuesday, 14.2.2006

I just deleted user 121212 for trying to trick people using his "self-written" tool to solve javascripts. It turned out to be that the application was actually a keylogger.
Since we're not supporting anything illegal, I've decided to remove him from the userlist.

by theblacksheep - 14:19:24oldXSS hole - Sunday, 5.2.2006

Nms found a XSS hole in Kalitrust which I had to fix.