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by theblacksheep - 19:45:42oldPlan for the next two weeks. - Thursday, 12.1.2006

This week I had a lot to do for school. I have slept less than 6 hours a day.
I got a huge amount of new challenge submissions this week. On Saturday morning I'll leave for a ski/snowboarding trip and I'll be back on Friday. Then I am going to check all of them.There also seems to be a problem with the Ranking History challenge.

bye, tbs

by theblacksheep - 20:03:21oldXSS vulnerability fixed. - Saturday, 7.1.2006

There was a little bug in RHC9. Thx to pepekiss for finding it.


by Inferno - 12:59:02oldLinux Exploits Down - Tuesday, 3.1.2006

The linux exploits challenges are down.
QuoteQuote from chrisi:
unluckily my host of the test environment shut down the server yesterday and now I need to find a new one

by theblacksheep - 13:26:24oldHappy New Year - Saturday, 31.12.2005

I want to say thank you, to all users here at bright-shadows.net for making this place so interesting and diversified! Hopefully all of you are going to stay a part of this community in the year 2006.

But at first take some time of tonight and just have some fun!


by Inferno - 17:54:48oldNew tutorial - Saturday, 24.12.2005

I've uploaded a tutorial on cracking executables. It will teach you general information about cracking.

The tutorial was written by Blacklotis.

by Inferno - 22:11:09oldNew challenge - Monday, 12.12.2005

I've added a new challenge, and updated Down The Tubes.

by theblacksheep - 23:00:21oldAll those small things... - Friday, 9.12.2005

by Inferno - 22:23:00oldDown The Tubes - Monday, 28.11.2005

I had to take this challenge down, as BaRa told me this version was too simple. (I don't know how that is possible, but he claims it is...)
He's currently working on a new version.

by theblacksheep - 13:51:02oldNew version of the tutorial! - Friday, 18.11.2005

Today I have uploaded the new version of my tutorial.
If you think I have missed something important post it in the forum "Other Things" -> "Weaknesses in Web-Applications".
I hope it is going to help you!


by theblacksheep - 07:58:04oldInactive accounts - Saturday, 5.11.2005


we have more than 5000 registered accounts at bright-shadows.net. More than 2100 belong to user who haven't been active this whole year. We have send an email telling them to login for reactivating their accounts.
In case you know anybody inactive that has been at bright-shadows please tell him/her that the account will be gone on Friday 11, November 2005 if it doesn't get reactivated!