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by Erik - 06:43:36oldForum-Search - Thursday, 1.6.2006

:pc2: Finally the forum-search is back online! :drink3:
It should work but if it doesn't please post to the linkforum.

Any suggestions are welcome!

by theblacksheep - 17:32:39oldWeaknesses in Web-Applications v1.6 - Monday, 29.5.2006

I have just uploaded a new version.
In case anything is not clear enough or I have made mistakes please drop me a line!


by theblacksheep - 18:47:17oldSupport Us - Thursday, 18.5.2006

There have been a few changes in the "Support Us" section :teach:

by Erik - 06:21:57oldReload styles.css - Monday, 15.5.2006

:teach: As some of you seem to have problems with the recent update of challenge sorting:
You have to reload linkstyles.css. Maybe your browser isn't configured to refresh pages automatically so you have to manually reload it.

by Erik - 22:52:48oldSorting Challenges by Votes - Sunday, 14.5.2006

:pc2: I worked on the challenge-list and now you can sort the challenges by their votes or the number of users who solved them. I hope it helps :student:.

Additionally I added some cool smilies like the stegano smiley :stegano: or the borg :borg:. Check them out :roll:!

by theblacksheep - 21:25:47oldWeaknesses in Web-Applications - Wednesday, 3.5.2006

The tutorial has been slightly updated.

by theblacksheep - 20:20:19oldAccount might have been taken over! - Tuesday, 25.4.2006


a user named "davs" probably has been using sfabriz, velo's and kokichi3000's accounts.
Therefore I have changed the passwords of those accounts so that "davs" can't use them any longer.
The real owners have to request a new one (forgot password function).

So far it seems that the problems were weak passwords!!!
Davs also tried to takeover other accounts of high ranked user with weak passwords but didn't seem to succeed.

Please use strong passwords!

PS: In case someone thinks that his account might be affected too, send me an email!

by Erik - 05:13:59oldChallenges moved - Monday, 24.4.2006

:teach: In case you wonder about a few lost or gained challenge-smilies: A few challenges changed their category.
Check the linkforum topic.

Furthermore there are now page-links in the forum for large topics and the avatar get's displayed on userstats.

by theblacksheep - 12:29:59oldXSS hole fixed & image XSS unfixed - Saturday, 22.4.2006

There has been a XSS hole in the exploit challenge rayp0rn which has been fixed.
It was reported by a user who doesn't want to be mentioned B-)

Furthermore there exists a XSS problem in the use of external images in the forum.
It hasn't been fixed so far.
Problems that might arise are that users are beeing logged out or send somewhere else.
It might also be possible to send you to a fake login page so please pay attention.
In case you want to try some stuff yourself please use the topic linkOther Stuff => Test some exploit.

The problems exist at all web sites allowing users to link to external images!
Reason for all that trouble is the intelligent use of script images :-Y

by Inferno - 13:31:38oldNew challenges - Saturday, 15.4.2006

Today I've uploaded a couple of challenges: