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by Inferno - 00:31:45oldNew challenges - Wednesday, 28.2.2007

Because of the inexhaustible patience of this outstanding community I uploaded some new challenges this night.
My apologies for the delay. Who knows, maybe more challenges get added this week. After all, as it was delicately put before, I am an admin of TBS.

Enjoy the new ones.


by Erik - 11:58:08oldChallenges accessible again - Saturday, 10.2.2007


the bug is fixed know. All challenges should be accessible again.
Please report further problems!

Cu, Erik :)
PS: Sadly recognizing the last news have been the latest for about half a year

by theblacksheep - 11:35:47oldChallenges not accessible - Saturday, 10.2.2007

Seems to be a server issue.
We are working on it.

by Erik - 11:31:04oldRanking-Option - Saturday, 29.7.2006

:teach: Many of you requested a feature to deactivate the ranking.
Now there is a new checkbox in the MyAccount-area to activate/deactivate the ranking.

by Inferno - 19:44:20oldNew Javascript Challenge - Tuesday, 4.7.2006

Just a small present for you guys before I leave on holiday, and yes I know, I still have to make the images transparent.

See you guys in 3 weeks!

by theblacksheep - 08:53:46oldVacation - Monday, 3.7.2006

I'll be gone for the next two weeks.
After this period of time I'll have enough energy and hopefully time to be a little bit more active.


by Inferno - 10:55:13oldSchool - Saturday, 1.7.2006

Hello community,

I haven't been able to fulfill my tasks as admin the last couple of weeks, since I'm very busy with graduating at the moment.
I apologize for that. Also, I'll be taking a break from the internet very soon. I really need some time to rest, as things are getting complicated for me at school/work, and I just need to step out of it for a while.

Again, sorry for not uploading challenges instantly. You'll see me when you'll see me.


by Inferno - 09:07:44oldCubis - Wednesday, 21.6.2006

Today I uploaded a new version of Cubis, since the old one contained a small error.

by Erik - 12:16:00oldChimera is back! - Wednesday, 7.6.2006

I'm happy to say that Inferno brought Chimera back to the living B)

The who-is-in-chat-feature hence works as expected.

by Erik - 12:31:46oldDesign of top-left corner - Sunday, 4.6.2006

:teach: As only a very few people answered in the linkforum-topic, I call everyone to leave there his preference:
  1. for link/index.php
  2. for link/index_2.php